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Type City
Level All
Location NE of Seaside, N of Merry Vale
Inhabitants Chugawugs

Wugachug is the hometown of the Chugawugs. Several quests related to the Sasparilla Brewery are started here. Because of it's location north, it has slight signs of snow around. It is right next to Snowhill, and Seaside. Below Wugachug is Merryvale. The town itself resembles a carnival, as it has a carnival tent, stage, shops, etc.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Chugaroot Farm
  • The Carnival
  • The Party Tent
  • The Sasparilla Brewery
  • The Thoroughfare

Job Trainers Edit

Shops Edit

  • Chef Clothing & Tools - (lvl 9 tools, lvl 20 clothing)
  • Chef Recipes & Supplies
  • Shards & Accessories - (assorted)
  • Potions - (health, energy, replenishing)

Local Dungeons Edit

Resources Edit

  • Choychoy
  • Chugaroot
  • Gummyfruit
  • Rainleaf
  • Spiralmint
  • Stainberry

Collections Edit

  • Wugachug
  • Wugachug Rare Exploration
  • Wugachug Elite Exploration

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