Wizard's Forged Wand of Cunning held
Wizard's Forged Wand of Cunning item

This wand bears the mark of Red Stonehammer, dwarven blacksmith of Sunstone Valley.

Wizard's Forged Wand of Cunning is a level 16 Wizard weapon. It is acquired from the Blacksmith recipe Wizard's Forged Wand of Cunning.

Required Edit

Level 16, Wizard

Effects Edit

Concussive Blast: An explosive blast that damages a single opponent in front of you and all opponents near that target.

Deals 1779 damage.
[Undocumented: Deals 2965 damage to nearby opponents.]

Wizard's Cunning: The wizard unleashes the power of the forge to damage nearby opponents and empower nearby allies with energy over time.

Deals 8218 damage.
Gain 3 energy every 1 second(s) for 10 seconds.
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