Female Human Wizard
Wizards summon the elements to attack their foes from a distance. They use magical wands to channel elemental energy into spells that can confuse enemies. They can even shoot lightning! Those who wish to learn the mystical ways of Wizardry can speak to Fizzlesticks in the Robgoblin camp for training.

Wizard is a Members-only ranged combat job, specializing in long-distance combat using magical skills and wands. A combat class job, experience is gained by completing Wizard quests and by battling in combat instances in the wilds and in dungeons.

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Skills Edit

Lvl Skill Effect
1 Zap Assaults your target with arcing bolts of lightning, causing 83-125 damage to up to 3 enemies.
5 Fireball Summons a fireball to burn your target, causing 50-74 damage in an area and burning them over 10 seconds.
10 Ice Nova Freezes all enemies around the wizard in ice for 3 seconds, increasing their damage taken by 3-15%.
15 Chaos Infiltrates your target's mind with compelling whispers, confusing them for 5-9 seconds.

Unlocking Wizard Edit

Wizard is unlocked by talking to Fizzlesticks in the Robgoblin Camp and completing his quests.

Trainers Edit

Quests Edit

Note: These are listed in order received, so some of the trainers will have more than one category. Also, Natali's quests are NOT needed to finish the wizard quests and are simply there to help you level up wizard when needed.


  • Wizard: How to be a Wizard
  • Wizard: I Can't Read This!
  • Wizard: Sticky Spell Book
  • Wizard: Lightning Bolt
  • Wizard: The First Rule of Being a Wizard...
  • Wizard: Market Wizards
  • Wizard: Student Profits
  • Wizard: Reach Level 5
  • Contract: Troll Magic - Natali in Lakeshore Icon repeat
  • Wizard: An Icy Mistake

Yaren Sunstare

  • Wizard: Merry Magical Story

Talespinner Yvelle

  • Wizard: Feeding the Storyteller

Yaren Sunstare

  • Wizard: Lost Student
  • Wizard: Osgood as it gets


  • Wizard: Reach Level 10
  • Contract: Robgoblin Magic - Natali in Lakeshore Icon repeat
  • Wizard: Helping a Friend


  • Wizard: Searching in the Past
  • Wizard: Crystal Clear Delivery


  • Wizard: Things Left Unfinished
  • Wizard: Filling in the Gaps


  • Wizard: Reach Level 15
  • Contract: Secret Magic - Natali in Lakeshore Icon repeat
  • Wizard: Missing Student Sven


  • Wizard: Sven's Job Offer
  • Wizard: A Twig From Treeleaf
  • Wizard: One Thing to Bind Them
  • Wizard: Reach Level 20
  • Contract: Life and Death Magic - Natali in Lakeshore Icon repeat
  • Wizard: Two Gems Are Better Than One

Karin Spellweaver

  • Wizard: Rescue Mission


  • Wizard: Parts and Labor

Collections Edit

Main article: Job Specific (Collections)#Wizard Collections
  • Wizard Stories
  • Wizard Wand Essences
  • Wizard Wand Materials

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

Level 1

  • Student Wand 
  • Comet Infused Wand 
  • Amateur Wand 

Level 4

  • Pro Wizard Wand
  • Solar Charmed Wand

Level 5

  • Lunar Enchanted Wand 
  • Solar Charmed Wand 
  • Pro Wizard Wand 
  • Wizard's Wand of Tsunami
  • Wizard's Wand of Glaciers
  • Wizard's Wand of Shock
  • Gemstone Wand

Level 8

  • Bolt Wand 
  • Wizard's Bone Wand of Tsunami

Level 11

  • Bone Wand 
  • Eclipse Infused Wand 

Level 13

  • Bone Wand 

Level 15

  • All-Star Wizard Wand 
  • Tempest Woven Wand 

Level 19

  • Ornate Wand 

Level 20

  • Wand of Spectral Fire 
  • Magical Essence Ornate Wand 

Clothing Edit

Level 1

  • Student Wizard
  • Power Charmed
  • Amateur Wizard

Level 3

  • Comet Infused

Level 5

  • Lunar Enchanted
  • Pro Wizard

Level 8

  • Solar Charmed

Level 11

  • Eclipse Infused

Level 15

  • Tempest Woven
  • All-Star Wizard (Except Robe)

Level 17

  • Shadow Infused

Level 19

  • Void Woven

Level 20

  • All-Star Wizard Robe
  • Nether Enchanted

Vendors Edit

Members Only

Archer - Blacksmith - Medic - Warrior - Wizard

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