Wheelie Pete's Roadhouse




Wheelie Pete


Rumble Ridge, Sunstone Valley

This awesome hangout is called Wheelie Pete’s! You’ll find quite a few of the Skullz and the Freewheelers here. Make sure you stop by when you can!
~ Free Realms News[1]

Wheelie Pete's Roadhouse, also known as Wheelie Pete's, is a local Roadhouses located in Rumble Ridge, Sunstone Valley. The Dwarven owner, Wheelie Pete, can be seen standing by the front entrance.

Facility Edit

Wheelie Pete's Roadhouse is both a fueling station and a restaurant. As it is said to serve Sunstone Sasparilla and is seen to serve pizza. A fuel station and tables for eating areas are set-up in the general vicinity of Wheelie Pete's.

Turf Wars Edit

While the Freewheelers were busy with the Shrouded Glade invasion, the menacing group known as the Skullz took over Rumble Ridge, along with the Roadhouse. The Freewheelers later retrieved it upon completion of the Enter the Rumbledome Quest.


Bronzeknuckles Edit

Our first contender: Stumbling all the way down the road from Wheelie Pete's - BRONZEKNUCKLES!
~ Rumbledome Announcer

During The Rumbledome Battle, the Announcer states that a Rumbledome Gladiator named Bronzeknuckles came stumbling from Wheelie Pete's prior to the battle.

Ironteeth Edit

According to Ironteeth's Wanted Poster, Ironteeth is wanted KO'd or alive for fighting at Wheelie Pete's.

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