Warrior’s Cudgel of Cleaving held
Warrior’s Cudgel of Cleaving item

Warrior’s Cudgel of Cleaving is a level 1 Warrior weapon. It is acquired from the Coin Shop where it sells for Goldcointemplate750 and it is also acquired from the following prize wheels:

Bixies Gone Wild!
Bixie Hive
Cracked Claw Caverns
Frostfang Growler!
Frostfang Snarlers!
Hooligan Brawling Club!
Hot Springs Haven
Robgoblin Camp!
Robgoblin Pondblasters!
Sheep Watch
Snakes in a Maze!
Tavern Cellar
Thugawug Bumbler!
Treasure of the Bone Shaman!
Troll Summoner Madness!

Required Edit

Level 1, Warrior

Effects Edit

Fierce Edge: Strikes with a mighty slash, damaging all opponents in front of you.

Deals 279 damage.

Cleave: Strikes down enemies with all your strength. Damages all opponents in front of you.

Deals 1143 damage.
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