Warrior's Forged Axe of Boon held
Warrior's Forged Axe of Boon item

This axe bears the mark of Red Stonehammer, dwarven blacksmith of Sunstone Valley. Warrior's Forged Axe of Boon is a level 16 Warrior weapon. It is acquired from the Blacksmith recipe Warrior's Forged Axe of Boon.

Required Edit

Level 16, Warrior

Effects Edit

Wrathful Strike: A disarming strike that damages opponents in front of you and leaves them more vulnerable to critical damage for a few seconds.

Deals 2372 damage.
Target is more likely to receive critical damage for 4 seconds.

Warrior's Boon: The warrior unleashes the power of the forge to taunt and damage nearby opponents. For several seconds, each hit received will also heal the warrior.

Deals 8302 damage.
Taunts nearby opponents.
Healed when damaged for 8 seconds.

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