Male Human Warrior
Strong in battle, protector of the weak – that's the Warrior! Warriors use heavy armor and weapons such as swords and axes to defeat opponents. Warriors are usually at the front of the team, leading the way and taking on tough enemies. If you want to prove yourself as a Warrior, see Drill Sergeant Dewey, in front of the Town Hall at Snowhill.

Warrior is a Members-only close combat job, specializing in powerful combat techniques and heavy weapons and armor. A combat class job, experience is gained by completing Warrior quests and by battling in combat instances in the wilds and in dungeons.

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Skills Edit

Lvl Skill Effect
1 Kick Strikes your target which stuns and causes 133 damage. Further ranks improve the damage dealt.
5 Spinning Blade Executes a spinning attack, dealing two hits for 50-68 damage per hit.
10 Quake Slams the ground, taunting and causing 83-126 damage to enemies directly in your path.
15 Commanding Shout A powerful battle cry that strikes fear and does 50-68 damage to nearby enemies.

Unlocking Warrior Edit

Warrior can be unlocked by speaking with Drill Sergeant Dewey in Snowhill.

Trainers Edit

  • Drill Sergeant Dewey: Snowhill (unlocks)
  • Morninglory: Snowhill
  • Steele: Snowhill (blocks partway until lvl 5)
  • Tumbolina: Merry Vale
  • Aster: Wilds Northwest (blocks partway until lvl 10)
  • Doctor Gordon: Sanctuary
  • General Glowlight: Sanctuary
  • Sir Whittington: Sanctuary (blocks partway until lvl 15)
  • Fastvi Frostflutter: Snowhill (blocks partway until lvl 20)

Quests Edit

Drill Sergeant Dewey

  • Becoming a Warrior (unlocks Warrior)
  • Warrior: Warrior Warm-up
  • Warrior: Warrior's Rites


  • Warrior: One With Your Weapon


  • Warrior: Achieve Level 5
  • Contract: Ready Your Weapon! - Caleb Sleepyswing in Wilds Northwest Icon repeat
  • Warrior: You Deserve Better


  • Warrior: Distracted
  • Warrior: Too Distracted to Work


  • Warrior: Achieve Level 10
  • Contract: Thinning Their Numbers - Caleb Sleepyswing in Wilds Northwest Icon repeat
  • Warrior: Knocking Some Sense
  • Warrior: Take Care of That Ankle

Doctor Gordon

  • Warrior: General Concerns

General Glowlight

  • Warrior: Finding Facts About Fastvi

Sir Whittington

  • Warrior: Achieve Level 15
  • Contract: What Duty Demands - Caleb Sleepyswing in Wilds Northwest Icon repeat
  • Warrior: Legend of Fastvi Frostflutter
  • Warrior: Asking Old Folks


  • Warrior: Steele is Useful

Fastvi Frostflutter

  • Warrior: Hero in the Making Coins
  • Warrior: Achieve Level 20
  • Contract: Defending Snowhill from Caleb Sleepyswing in Wilds Northwest Icon repeat
  • Warrior: A Magical Boost

Collections Edit

Main article: Job Specific (Collections)#Warrior Collections
  • Warrior Axe Materials
  • Warrior Magical Axe Essences
  • Warrior Stories

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

Level 1

Level 3

Level 4

Level 8

Level 5

Level 10

Level 11

Level 12

Level 13

Level 16

  • Steadfast Guardian Hammer
  • Fiery Hammer
  • Smokey Axe
  • Luminous Axe
  • Glacial Axe

Level 17

  • Smasher
  • Steadfast Guardian Hammer
  • Smasher

Level 19

  • Warlord Axe
  • Intrepid Guardian Axe

Clothing Edit

Level 1

  • Student Warrior
  • Valiant Guardian
  • Amateur Warrior

Level 3

  • Daring Champion

Level 5

  • Spirited Protector
  • Pro Warrior

Level 8

  • Courageous Defender

Level 10

  • Pro Warrior Tunic

Level 11

  • Chivalrous Guardian

Level 13

  • Fearless Defender

Level 15

  • Stalwart Protector

Level 17

  • Steadfast Guardian

Level 19

  • Intrepid Protector

Level 20

  • Heroic Champion

Vendors Edit

Members Only

Archer - Blacksmith - Medic - Warrior - Wizard

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