Shuffle Shooter

Shuffle Shooter

Virtual Rewards are Trading Card Game cards that contain virtual reward items. These cards can be obtained through Trading Card Game Booster Packs. With each booster pack, you receive 1 Virtual Reward.

After obtaining a Virtual Reward, it will be sent to the player's TCG collection. The player can redeem it by enterting the collection area in the TCG lobby and double-clicking on the item they want to redeem.

Virtual Rewards ListEdit

Series 1 Virtual Rewards List

Cards #2 to 51 are in physical Booster Packs only

Cards #52 to 101 are in virtual Booster Packs only

Passport to Free Realms - 1L1 (Available only in physical Starter Packs)
Audrey's Special Salad - 1L2
Beautiful Bouquet - 1L3
Booming Blue Firecrackers - 1L4
Kitty Princess Collar - 1L5
Kitty Princess Gown - 1L6
Kitty Princess Slippers - 1L7
Kitty Princess Tiara - 1L8
Burnt Toast - 1L9
Ceremonial Bone Wand - 1L10
Ceremonial Bonesaw - 1L11
Ceremonial Hammer - 1L12
Ceremonial Mantis Bow - 1L13
Chicken Feed - 1L14
Chugawug Bandit Mask - 1L15
Chugawug Brew - 1L16
Crazy Coin Scroll - 1L17
Cupcake of Tim the Tiny - 1L18
Electric Oil Diamond Shard - 1L19
Fiery Oil Diamond Shard - 1L20
Glow Cookie - 1L21
Glowing Contacts - 1L22
Ho-Hum Hammer - 1L23
Icicle Ice Cream - 1L24
Kitty Ninja Gi - 1L25
Kitty Ninja Pawguards - 1L26
Laughter Latte - 1L27
Money Hat - 1L28
Morphing Ball of Yarn - 1L29
Jumbo Health Potion - 1L30
Jumbo Mana Potion - 1L31
Jumbo Replenishing Potion - 1L32
Penguin Feather Mask - 1L33
Pixachino - 1L34
Players Club Card - 1L35
Pretty Princess Hat - 1L36
Rainbowpopsicle - 1L37
Red Dragon Firecrackers - 1L38
Robgoblin Treasure Trove - 1L39
Rocker Hat - 1L40
Rocker Pants - 1L41
Rocker Sneakers - 1L42
Rocker Vest - 1L43
Seeing Stars Telescope - 1L44
Sizzling Frying Pan - 1L45
Sparkling Tiara - 1L46
Spinner Cap - 1L47
Super Star Scroll - 1L48
Thousand Pound Cake - 1L49
Toyger Whistle - 1L50
Traffic Cone Hat - 1L51
Banana Suit - 1L52
Bandit Burger - 1L53
Batwing Cookie - 1L54
Bean Burrito - 1L55
Bottle of Butterflies - 1L56
Card Shark Trilby - 1L57
Ceremonial Jeweled Axe - 1L58
Ceremonial Shadowblade - 1L59
Chicken Hat - 1L60
Crazy Coin Scroll - 1L61
Crimson Rose - 1L62
Cupcake of Tim the Tiny - 1L63
Dunce Cap - 1L64
Flaming Jalapeno Pepper - 1L65
Floppy Fish - 1L66
Goblin Smith Apple - 1L67
Heart Candy - 1L68
Ice Cream Sandwich - 1L69
Icy Oil Diamond Shard - 1L70
Kitty Ninja Cowl - 1L71
Jumbo Health Potion - 1L72
Jumbo Mana Potion - 1L73
Jumbo Replenishing Potion - 1L74
Lilipad Lollipop - 1L75
Man-Eating Plant Mask - 1L76
Morphing Dog Bone - 1L77
Paper Hat - 1L78
Players Club Card - 1L79
Pointy Pickaxe - 1L80
Pug Whistle - 1L81
Robgoblin Cooking Mask - 1L82
S.S. Dingy Paddle - 1L83
Skater Beanie - 1L84
Skater Kicks - 1L85
Skater Shirt - 1L86
Skater Shorts - 1L87
Skylightning Firecracker - 1L88
Doggy Island Lei - 1L89
Doggy Island Sandals - 1L90
Doggy Island Shirt - 1L91
Doggy Island Sunglasses - 1L92
Doggy Swashbuckler Collar - 1L93
Doggy Swashbuckler Hat - 1L94
Doggy Swashbuckler Peg Leg - 1L95
Doggy Swashbuckler Vest - 1L96
Sparkly Oil Diamond Shard - 1L97
Super Star Scroll - 1L98
Superstar Spotlight - 1L99
Thick Pocket Book - 1L100
Thousand Pound Cake - 1L101
S'mores Stick - 1LP1
 (Exists only as a physical card; not redeemable in-game)
Fan Faire '09 T-Shirt - 1LP2 (Promo card given to Fan Faire participants)

These are not codes for these items; they can be found in packs, but are very rare. So, don't count on these to be codes to redeem for the item.

Series 2 Virtual Rewards List

Alligator Head - 2L1 Alligator Suit - 2L2
Arrow-thru-the-Head Hat - 2L3
Bag of Angel Feathers - 2L4
Brambleback Broiler Ring - 2L5
Briarheart Bandage Square Shard - 2L6
Briarsting Bow - 2L7
Briarwood Collector's Card - 2L8
Chatdy Backpack - 2L9
Doberman Whistle - 2L10
Doggy Paper Hat - 2L11
Duelist Utility Belt - 2L12
Fire Hydrant Hat - 2L13
Frost Grenade - 2L14
Ginormous Health Potion - 2L15
Goth Boots - 2L16
Goth Coat - 2L17
Goth Gloves - 2L18
Goth Goggles - 2L19
Goth Pants - 2L20
Hip Hop Boom Box - 2L21
Kitty Frog Collar - 2L22
Kitty Frog Eyes - 2L23
Kitty Frog Legs - 2L24
Kitty Frog Skin - 2L25
Nettleseed Fungus - 2L26
Pink Mushroon Cap - 2L27
Punker Pants - 2L28
Purple Frog Mask - 2L29
Wolf T-Shirt - 2L30
Tiny Tournament Winnings - 2LP1
 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Small Tournament Winnings - 2LP2
 (Obtained through certain tournaments)  
Medium Tournament Winnings - 2LP3 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Large Tournament Winnings - 2LP4
 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Extra Large Tournament Winnings - 2LP5  (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Grand Tournament Winnings - 2LP6 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Big Time Tournament Winnings - 2LP7 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Champion's Tournament Winnings - 2LP8 
(Obtained through certain tournaments)
Card Champion's Case - 2LP9 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Card Champion's Hand - 2LP10 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Card Champion's Rod - 2LP11 
(Obtained through certain tournaments)
Card Champion's Sack - 2LP12 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Card Champion's Shades - 2LP13 (Obtained through certain tournaments)  
Card Duelist Shirt - 2LP14 
 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Duelist Machine Cap - 2LP15 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Emo-Tor - 2LP16 (Temporarily given in a SC-item bundle, along with packs; can be traded)

Series 3 Virtual Rewards List

Glacierator 5000 - 3L1 (Renamed from Zamboni Ride)
Clockwork Beetle Pet - 3L2
Sunstone Valley Lot - 3L3
Shuffle Shooter - 3L4
Baron von Darkcheat Costume - 3L5
Cardigan (Red) - 3L6
Cardigan (Yellow) - 3L7
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Cardigan (Green) - 3L8
Cardigan (Blue) - 3L9
Cardigan (Purple) - 3L10
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Boat Shoes (Red) - 3L11
Boat Shoes (Yellow) - 3L12
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Boat Shoes (Green) - 3L13
Boat Shoes (Blue) - 3L14
Boat Shoes (Purple) - 3L15
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Tucked Hipster Pants (Red) - 3L16
Tucked Hipster Pants (Yellow) - 3L17
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Tucked Hipster Pants (Green) - 3L18
Tucked Hipster Pants (Blue) - 3L19
Tucked Hipster Pants (Purple) - 3L20
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Flannel Button-Up (Red) - 3L21
Flannel Button-Up (Yellow) - 3L22
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Flannel Button-Up (Green) - 3L23
Flannel Button-Up (Blue) - 3L24
Flannel Button-Up (Purple) - 3L25
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Plaid Kicks (Red) - 3L26
Plaid Kicks (Yellow) - 3L27
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Plaid Kicks (Green) - 3L28
Plaid Kicks (Blue) - 3L29
Plaid Kicks (Purple) - 3L30
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Plaid Baseball Cap (Red) - 3L31
Plaid Baseball Cap (Yellow) - 3L32
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Plaid Baseball Cap (Green) - 3L33
Plaid Baseball Cap (Blue) - 3L34
Plaid Baseball Cap (Purple) - 3L35
 (Removed from Series 3, returned to game in Series 4)
Precursor Arch (5 Pack) - 3L36
Precursor Cylinder Block (5 Pack) - 3L37
Precursor Flat Square Block (5 Pack) - 3L38
Precursor Block (10 Pack) - 3L39
Precursor Rectangle Block (5 Pack) - 3L40
Duelist Bandolier - 3L41
 (Obtained through certain tournaments)

Series 4 Virtual Rewards List

Drake - 4L1 Gloam Clone PetPal - 4L2
Shrouded Gloam Lot - 4L3
Crackshot Costume - 4L4
Magetech Costume - 4L5
Wildclaw Costume - 4L6
Ghostshadow Costume - 4L7
Cardigan (Yellow) - 4L8
Cardigan (Purple) - 4L9
Cardigan (Black) - 4L10
Boat Shoes (Yellow) - 4L11
Boat Shoes (Purple) - 4L12
Boat Shoes (Black) - 4L13
Tucked Hipster Pants (Yellow) - 4L14
Tucked Hipster Pants (Purple) - 4L15
Tucked Hipster Pants (Black) - 4L16
Flannel Button-Up (Yellow) - 4L17
Flannel Button-Up (Purple) - 4L18
Flannel Button-Up (Black) - 4L19
Plaid Kicks (Yellow) - 4L20
Plaid Kicks (Purple) - 4L21
Plaid Kicks (Black) - 4L22
Plaid Baseball Cap (Yellow) - 4L23
Plaid Baseball Cap (Purple) - 4L24
Plaid Baseball Cap (Black) - 4L25
Gloam Arch Block (5 Pack) - 4L26
Gloam Cylinder Block (5 Pack) - 4L27
Gloam Flat Square Block (5 Pack) - 4L28
Gloam Block (10 Pack) - 4L29
Gloam Rectangle Block (5 Pack) - 4L30
Epic Darkcheat Trophy - 4L31
 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Gold Darkcheat Trophy - 4L32 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Silver Darkcheat Trophy - 4L33 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Bronze Darkcheat Trophy - 4L34 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Crackshot Poster - 4L35 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Magetech Poster - 4L36 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Wildclaw Poster - 4L37 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Ghostshadow Poster - 4L38 (Obtained through certain tournaments)

Series 5 Virtual Rewards List

Epic Rumbledome Trophy - 5P1 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Gold Rumbledome Trophy - 5P2 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Silver Rumbledome Trophy - 5P3 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Bronze Rumbledome Trophy - 5P4 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Milo E. Lizardo Wanted Poster - 5P5 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Junkmaker Jort Wanted Poster - 5P6 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Quizzical Yucca Wanted Poster - 5P7 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Ironteeth Wanted Poster - 5P8 (Obtained through certain tournaments)
Chrome Feathered Drake - 5L1
Peaceful Sandscale Pet - 5L2
Rumbledome Lot - 5L3
Chaos Cowboy Hat - 5L4
Machine Hard Hat - 5L5
Nature Feather Headdress - 5L6
Order Police Hat - 5L7
Street Skater Beanie (Blue) - 5L8
Street Skater Tank Top (Blue) - 5L9
Street Skater Shorts (Blue) - 5L10
Street Skater Shoes (Blue) - 5L11
Street Skater Wristbands (Blue) - 5L12
Street Skater Beanie (Green) - 5L13
Street Skater Tank Top (Green) - 5L14
Street Skater Shorts (Green) - 5L15
Street Skater Shoes (Green) - 5L16
Street Skater Wristbands (Green) - 5L17
Street Skater Beanie (Red) - 5L18
Street Skater Tank Top (Red) - 5L19
Street Skater Shorts (Red) - 5L20
Street Skater Shoes (Red) - 5L21
Street Skater Wristbands (Red) - 5L22
Scrapyard Building Bundle 1 - 5L23
Scrapyard Building Bundle 2 - 5L24
Scrapyard Building Bundle 3 - 5L25
Spike Trap Housing Item - 5L26
Rumble King Don Wig - 5L27
Jort's Trash Can Lid Hat - 5L28
Milo's Magical Staff - 5L29
Fire Pit Housing Item - 5L30
Shock Trap Housing Item - 5L31


Credit to Marisol Bluesurf for creating the list,

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