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The VIP Program rewards players for maintaining Memberships over time! The longer you have an active Membership, the higher your VIP Rank will increase.

As you level up your VIP Rank you unlock exclusive VIP titles, items from the Marketplace, and the ability to equip certain costumes across jobs. (Wouldn't your archer look better in a banana costume?)

You'll be able to check out the VIP section of the Marketplace for a preview of what will be available for each rank.

How It Works

You must be a Member to participate in the VIP program Members earn VIP points every day, just for being a Member! VIP points will help boost your VIP rank!

What you get

You will find a list of VIP Ranks below along with the titles and perks that come with each rank.

Rank 1 VIP

  • Title: V.I.P.
  • Perk: All jobs can wear Costumes

Rank 2 VIP

  • Title: Trendsetter

Rank 3 VIP

  • Title: Kind of a Big Deal

Rank 4 VIP

  • Title: Celebrity

Rank 5 VIP

  • Title: Superstar
  • Perk: Adventurer can now wear all wearables (does not include job-specific weapons)
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