Lots of changes and new things came to Free Realms this week! The theme of the month is Heros, and you can take part in the HeroRealms fun for the next several weeks. The Dev Team is also working on balancing out the economy, and has initiated the first steps in doing so. There will be more changes to come, and the team will continue to tinker and tweak with the balance until it feels right. If you have feedback about the changes, be sure to log into the forums (13+) and leave your thoughts.

A strange visitor, The Scrutinizer, has arrived in downtown Sanctuary and is looking to speak with brave adventurers.


  • Astonishing, Extraordinary, Vile and Insidious HeroRealms gearsets and elemental chestpieces are now available in the Marketplace.
  • Stupendous and Dastardly HeroRealms gearsets are now available in the Coin Shop.

January Monthly Member Pack has been released


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Demo Derby Driver, Kart Driver, Fisherman and Soccer Star are once again Members Only jobs.
  • Boparock's store interaction has been removed.
  • Tonk, Broogle and Burps had their store interactions returned to coin merchant types.
  • Daily Spin Wheels have been retired.
  • The new Royal Economist, Abacus Coinmiser, has released an alarming report concerning major over-inflation of the Realms' Coin Economy. As a direct result Coin Rewards and Store prices have been drastically slashed across the board, and in the cases of potential rewards beyond a single coin, also randomized. Economist Coinmiser was reported to have called this "a darn tootin' good first step" to fixing the over-inflation.

Soe amnerys (talk) 20:30, January 15, 2014 (UTC)

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