I believe Free Realms will come back. Even if I am the last person. Free Realms made me who I am today, actually even better. I met Friends, Family.... If it wasn't for Free Realms I wouldn't have met my best friend. My Name is MysteryFRwolf because I shall not be named. Yes, SOE broke our hearts, made us cry even yet..... made us not have hope. It is and still is Free Realms who was ALWAYS there for us. Not SOE. SOE made the game, yes. hey didn't make all of you. Your character, yes but not you. We can bring it back by having hope. Don't you see that we are letting SOE win? We are Free Realms players for crying out loud, youtubers, erewolfs, vampires, Cats, dragons, rouges or just regular fairy or human. Free Realms is our home.... Not Feral Heart or any other game. You have to admit, the Feral Heart maps Alex Realms made.... doesn't feel like home. I'm glad he made those maps. Free Realms was ALWAYS there for us NOT SOE! We need to fight for our Free Realms like Blackpaw and there territory or LegendMoon Star and her clan. We CAN bring it back. Please believe <3 ~MysteryFRwolf

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