Hey Guys Um Since Free Realms Shut Down And Everything Uh I Did This Blog For My Best Friends Or Friends That Were Just On My Friends List. So Let's Start Off With My Best Friends. bell oakenwing My Free Realms Sister And Will Always Be My Sister She Helped Me With  My Problems Scammers Bullies Everything. She Gave Me Some Shirts, Shoes, Pants She Helped Me When I Was Newbie And From This Day On I Will Never Forget You bell. I'm Sorry I Didn't Spend Much Time When I Got Tcg And Got Some New Best Friends  I Feel Mad At Myself For Not  Spending More Time With You When Free Realms Was Ending I Should Have Been With You I'm Sorry. If your Do Read This bell I Love You With My All My Heart And I Miss You I Hope We Can Talk Again. Love You bell. Ok Next Is My Mom Amber TealRose. My Mom She Was There For Me After She Didn't Come Back On As Much I Missed Her So Much So When So Got Back Whitch Was Close To Ending I Was Happy I Got To See Her Before It Ending So If Your Reading This I Miss You So Much. I Was Lucky To Have Such  Beatiful And Nice Mom. Well Sorry If I Left Anyone Out I Just Remember My Closest Friends In Free Realms. So Bye! ~ Frozen Autumun

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