Hallo, I've been playing this game called Feralheart and what you do is roleplay. Their roleplay is long and literate, and you can be a wolf or a cat. You also don't even have to pay a penny for anything. It is all free, and you can make maps, presets, objects, particles (Like fire), items, markings, emotes, and characters. Is there a character limit or membership? No, there isn't. You can also have friends and groups. One problem is registration. It opens every day but randomly.

So, a guy named Alex Realms, leader of Blackpaw, and some people who volunteered to help (I volunteered) build a Free Realms like world in Feralheart. I made the Blackforest map, a pine forest that is always night and with tall mountains and lots of water. The maps are claimable and you basically just roleplay. I wouldn't suggest getting this map pack if you don't like roleplay. But if you want to role play as an animal or so, I suggest getting this map pack.

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