ere you a roleplayer in the original Free Realms? Perhaps are interested in doing so on Free Realms: Sunrise? Is this reading out as a cliché advertisement? Fear no longer!

We proudly present to you the fan-run, fan-oriented, Free Realms: Sunrise Roleplay Discord Server! This community aims to unite the roleplay community, past and present, in preparation for FR:S - and also just to have a chat. You will find a variety of guilds here, from Warrior Cats to Vampires and Werewolves. And, of course, what is a Free Realms server without Toeny?649059697474928651

As a precaution, more mature topics, excluding NSFW, may be discussed here. Cursing is tolerated to an extent, so please keep this in mind when joining!

There currently exists no official Free Realms: Sunrise Roleplay server. This server is not affiliated with the Free Realms: Sunrise team in any way, shape, or form, and is a separate entity. The opinions or views expressed in this server do not reflect those of Free Realms: Sunrise or its team.

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