first of all let me start with this>>>

Free Realms is a online multiplayer virtual game that was shut down on march 31, 2014. At first we all thought that it was going to be a huge update , why? because most of the map wasn't complete. for example pony-ville/rainbow land and silver-plains and so much more!! also when the game was ending on the last day it said that free realms was going to be updated.. it never said that it was going to end...

free realms was going to be updated but then SOE changed their mind.. the main reason was because it was a kids game and since kids didn't have money to buy they weren't getting that much money, also you have to admit that at some point free realms was getting boring and not that much people were playing it including you!

i have done a lot of research on some topics about FR and there was going to be a FR called FunRealms but they didn't do it because they didn't have permission and they could get sued.

do you think FR can still come back?? comment below!

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