Hello Everybody!

Im New To This Page And Im Trying To Spread My Video And My Project To Save Free Realms. As You All Know Free Realms Shutdown On The 31th Of March 2014 And Ever Since Then Our Lifes Have Been Outbored And Our Days Are Starting To Go From Fun To Boring. Please Help Me And Many Other Players Out There To Save Free Realms.

Free Realms Has Been A Game That We All Loved And Still Love And We Have To Stop Watching It Dying. We All Have To Do Something To MAKE IT COME BACK! If You Are A True Player Then Stop Trying To Look Up How To Play The Chinese Version Or If Its Coming Back. YOU CAN MAKE IT COME BACK! Stop Wasting Time And Start Making Changes. If There Is No Free Realms There Is No Joy In All Of Us. The Game That We Love Is Shortly Breaking Into Pieces We Have To Stop And Pick Those Pieces Up. Dont You Miss Your Best Friends? Dont You Miss Mixing Jobs? Dont You Miss Leveling Up And Try To Get As Many Rares As Possible? If You Dont Then You Have Been Wasting All Of Your Time Playing That Game! But If You Do Then Stop Acting Like That Game Dont Matter To You And Start Helping Others To Get It Back.

Thank You For Trying To Save Free Realms And I Hope We Can Help Each Other By Getting To 30K On This Project.

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File:Is Free Realms Ever Coming Back?


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