Ok well... I have been an active player on free realms for 4 years. I started playing when I was 9 and I was addicted to it from the start. Everyday I had something to look forward to when I came home from school, I was always so excited! and almost everyday at school me and my friends would talk about what we would do that night... I met some pretty great people on Free Realms, and I wasn't ready for it to end. The Christmas of 2013 I just had put in some new station cash and was ready to play and when I got on a lot of the players were sad and yelling out "HELP SAVE FREE REALMS" and I was completely confused, then I asked some people on the game about it and got the terrible news. There hasn't been a day since then that I haven't thought about Free Realms. I always will have my memories, and when I think about how much fun I had and all the exciting times, the bumps in the roads, and the completely random memories, it makes my eyes tear up and I just want to really cry because I know I cant do anything about it. you know? you really cant forget it. The days before I knew it was actually ending I was busy daydreaming everyday of what I would do every day for the rest of the years, I never had a thought of it actually ending, I was on the phone with my friend grace talking about it. I did some great things on free realms. There never was a day that I wasn't excited about getting on. Me and my friends always through birthday parties or just plain parties for fun times, I loved my friends more than life itself, I called free realms a second life. I think I'm going to send a letter to SOE giving good reasons of why it should come back, im sure everyone will enjoy it and even more people would play because they would "think" its new... well please post any comments I love u guys, and I love free realms and I want it back!

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