this post is just a regular post i miss free realms i was a leader of a guild (Bring It On) and i had suck alot of friends you woudnt dream of and i had a club house some cool stuff and cool friends and i miss if they bring back free realms i will get mad because getting that stuff back will be hard i havent played it all these years because i forgot about I started playing 2009 when i was 9 yeah and alot of years passed and i forgot about it until i thought of it again it popped out and i had a dream 2 days ago that i was playing free realms with my friends and maybe that is a dream from God and he is telling me that free realms is coming back in the following years and if anyone sees me i was that guild leader its me (Andre Solarsword) and i created a account at free realms wikea cause at least this site reminds me of free realms and i wanna tell you guys dont remove this site :) ;(

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