Flora Moonstar

aka MariFlora

  • I live in the Online World (Cause I'm just that awesome)
  • My occupation is a gamer, author, and artist.
  • I am female.

A Bit About Me Edit

Hi! My name is Flora Moonstar. I played FreeRealms for about 3 years. I was in the guild, "Warrior Cats of Nightfall Clan" and I love video games.

Flora Moonstar 3



Animal: Zebra/Cat

Video Game: World of Warcraft (Formal: FreeRealms)

Movie: I don't know! I like so many.

Song: So many choices....

Colors: Hot Pink, Neon Teal, and Green.

Want to get to know me? Leave a message on my "Talk Page"

Video Games I Play Edit

World of Warcraft: (Realm: MoonGuard) Jackilynn

Wizard101: Kimberly Sunsword

Pirate101: Flora Underwood

Roblox: Mariflora101

Minecraft: MariFlora

How to Reach Me Edit

  1. Leave a message on my talk page
  2. Email me at
  3. Follow me (Flora Moonstar) on Google+
  4. Find me in video games
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