aka Moonpelt

  • I live in E.A.R.T.H 😜
  • I was born on August 4
  • I am Female

Tera Edit

Name: Moonpelt ( Promoted by Tera: Yes ) ( Titles earned: Monster Hunter ) ( Founder ) ( Amazing Cook! ) ( Bacon lover ) ( Gold hunter )

TERA ScreenShot 20151212 192735

Class: Archer

Race: Castinic

Level: 46 ( stopping here for guild and members to catch up )

Clan/Pack: We are not really in a pack or clan. We are a mix of all creatures.

Clans/Packs alliance: Thunder Clan, Shadowmoon, GreenLeaf, Shadow Clan, The Royal wolves, Elite Wolf pack, Paws Clan ( Asking for alliance )

Age: 1017

Gender: Female

Soul Bounded: Older Brother Jake RedStorm

Apprentice to: Jake RedStorm

Apprentices: Wessy, Sadron

Father: Vileone ( a bit inactive ) ( He rather play DDO )

Sever: Celestia Hills rp server ( RP / PVP SERVER ACTUALLY )

Guild: Shadow Rogues

Rank: Leader

Mate: None.....Single.....

Territories claimed by ShadowRogues: Unknown GlitchLand :DD

Members of guild: Jake Redstorm, RyderLight, Nightshade, Riverpelt, Sadron, Vileone, Firestar, HiddenMorgan, MysteryCrystal, Spec, BrightTail, ShadowWolf, Shayla, SilverLeaf

Alliances/Friends from other guilds: Darkshadow, Espeon, Shaylenn, BeastStroke, Abdo, Edmend

Description: Moonpelt is a sneaky, clever, dirty fighting Castanic. She loves doing missions which some require killing other players, slaying monsters, stealing, extra. She usually never likes backing down from a fight. Despite her horrifying, dark past, Moonpelt has learned to use all of it to her advantages. Though her, older brother Jake RedStorm and her mate Ryder, don't like seeing her act this way, they cut her some slack.... some meaning having to stay close by them and obey most of their rules. Moonpelt has learned to respect when needed, obey when needed ( sometimes ), extra. Her love for her family and group is top thing, she doesn't like admitting it once in a while however, cause she wants to seem superior and in control.

Advantage skills: Lying, sneaking around, stealing, kind when needed and mature, clever, loving when needed, dirty fighter.

Disadvantages: Cocky ( sometimes ) Lacks some respect toward her older brother, Can be lazy during her times with her lessons, needs to obey when needed fully, over protective of her family/friends, Can get a high temper, Lying, sneaking around, stealing, dirty fighting

Enemies: None at the moment

Weapons: bow and arrows/daggers

Classified as: Rogue

Wanted costed: 30 gold ( not as much in the past, sneaking abilities give ways to loop and go around out of the law )

Kills: Digital

Cautious around: BeastStroke and other players

Drunkness: Depends on why and when ( Likes wine XD )

Loyal to: Ryder, Jake RedStorm, Family/group, Staff members <3

Reputation: Fair

RP: Mature

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