aka Châotic FALon

  • I live in TEXAS
  • I was born on May 20
  • My occupation is FREE REALMS
  • I am Male
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About MeEdit

FreeRealms is very fun, I try to play everyday with my friends.My favorite color is Red and sometimes I like to go to places like Wugachug where it's quiet or some times to Merry Vale.

Things I often do in FreeRealmsEdit

I love playing Tcg,Demolition Derby and helping people.My favorite combat jobs are Archer and Ninja. Any where that's quiet is good enough for me, to much chat dialogue some times gets on my nerves.

My favorite areas FreeRealmsEditEdit

  • 1. Wugachug
  • 2. Merry Vale                                                                              
  • 3.Shrouded Glade
  • .4. Small Town around Floren Forest
  • 5. Suntone Valley
  • 6. Snowhill
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    HII YAA!!!

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