Treasure of the bone shaman

Treasure of the Bone Shaman!

Bone shaman int

Bone Shaman!, interior

Bone shaman troll

Troll Bone Shaman

Bone Shaman chest

Treasure Chest

Trolls are up to something sinister here. Go in and defeat them!

Treasure of the Bone Shaman! is a difficulty 1 battle that is started by clicking on a Troll Bone Shaman in Forest Troll Village. They are found in the North end of the forest.

Required Edit

Level 1, Any Combat Job

Goals Edit

Claim the Bone Shaman Treasure!

Rewards Edit

104 Stars
22 Coins
Members Only Bonus: 42 Coins

Archer Prize Wheel Edit

Brawler Prize Wheel Edit

Medic Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Medic's Necklace of Vitality I
Medic's Power Shard of Regeneration I
Medic's Reflex Hammer of Vitals
Stable Condition Medic Boots
8 Coins

Ninja Prize Wheel Edit

Warrior Prize Wheel Edit

Wizard Prize Wheel Edit

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