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Oakheart, a Briarwood Treant.

Treants are one of the many races that can be found in Free Realms, and are also one of the many different forms of life that you can find in Briarwood. Treants are large, tree-like creatures that have human characteristics, who are often guardians of nature and the forest in various different online games. In Free Realms, Treants are more commonly referred to as "Tree Soldiers" or Arboreants and often serve as monster spawners in dungeons; even though they can also serve as an uncommon enemy or a boss. Treants are almost exclusive to Briarwood, with the exception of Snowface who can be found in a dungeon in the Shrouded Glade.


There are currently two sub-races of treants and one undetermined treant type. All of them weild the same weapon; which is a long staff that they carry in their right hand. All of them also have the same basic body shape, and a long pointed noise.

Briarwood Treants are the most common of all the treant sub-races. Briarwood Treants have dark and dull-ish green leaves, and orange-yellowish eyes. The leaves appear to make out what is a beard, and the leaves extend all the way from it's chin to the treant's back.

Mutated Treants are very different from their Briarwood brethren, in that they are covered in fungi all over their body. They still have a few dull purple leaves surrounding their head however. Unlike their Briarwood counterpart, the Mutated treants have brighly glowing yellow eyes that show no visible pupil.

There is also a currently unknown Tree Soldier sub-races; Snowface appears to be what is a completely frozen over treant, but it is unknown if he is actually a completely new type of treant or a frozen Briarwood Treant.


Briarwood Tree Soldiers may be found in the following places:

Mutated Tree Soldiers may be found in the following places:

Undetermined species of treants may be found in the following places:

Notable NPCsEdit

A list of named treants who can be interacted with in one way or another.

  • Oakheart; Quest NPC; found in Bristlewood, gives out a quest series composed of the quests "Oakheart's Heart", "Oakheart's Bigger, Better Heart", and "Oakheart's Missing Something"
  • Old Corky; Quest NPC; found in Nettleseed, gives out a quest series composed of the quests "You've Got to Keep it Vegetated", "Button Down Mushrooms", and "I'm Chopping Mad"
  • Treeleaf; Enemy NPC; boss of the Treeleaf's Retreat dungeon
  • Snowface; Enemy NPC; boss of the Misty Mountain dungeon


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