Thugawug sneak

Thugawug Sneak!

Thugawug Sneak int

Thugawug Sneak!, interior

Thugawug Fan

Thugawug Fan

Thugawug Bruce


Thugawug Sneaks kidnapped a semi-famous rock star! Defeat them to free him!

Thugawug Sneak! is a difficulty 2 battle that is started by clicking on a Thugawug Sneak firepit South of Bumbleberry Patch in the Wilds.

Required Edit

Level 5, Any Combat Job

Goals Edit

Help the guest star!

Rewards Edit

62 Stars
Members Only Bonus: 18 Coins

Archer Prize Wheel Edit

Brawler Prize Wheel Edit

Medic Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Medic's Power Shard of Vitality II
Medic's Ring of Energy II
Medic's Scalpel of Vitals
Urgent Care Medic Pants

Ninja Prize Wheel Edit

Warrior Prize Wheel Edit

Wizard Prize Wheel Edit

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