The kingmaker stats
An ornate bejeweled gold broadsword.
This weapon will level up with you, increasing your power in battle!
Created by CoffeeOutlaw for Player Studio!
~ In-game description

The Kingmaker is a Level 1 Warrior Weapon designed by CoffeeOutlaw for the SOE Player Studio program, and was introduced in game on October 22, 2013.

The weapon is available to everyone for purchase through the Station Cash Marketplace at the regular price of Sc199, and to members at the 10% discount price of Sc179.

On October 21, 2013, Free Realms Producer Steve "Shock" George tweeted an advertisement image that featured The Kingmaker.

Effects Edit

Regal Strike: Strike down all opponents in front of you.

Deals 254 damage at Level 1.
Deals 444 damage at Level 4.
Deals 776 damage at Level 8.
Deals 1357 damage at Level 12.
Deals 2372 damage at Level 16.

Royal Power: Destroy all nearby opponents with your Royal Power.

Deals 889 damage at Level 1.
Deals 1554 damage at Level 4.
Deals 2716 damage at Level 8.
Deals 4750 damage at Level 12.
Deals 8302 damage at Level 16.


Sources Edit

SCicon Sunset Sale
As of March 18 through 31, 2014, all Station Cash items were permanently priced at Sc1 in response to the sunset.
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