Get in the zone cruising around in your new Fire Hawk ride. The DANGER ZONE.
~ In-game description

The Fire Hawk is a Mechanical ride that is available to everyone through the Station Cash Marketplace at the regular price of Sc499, and to Members at the 10% discount price of Sc449.

The Fire Hawk is the 5fth and final addition to the Combiner Ride series, and was introduced in-game on October 29, 2013.

The Fire Hawk was featured pre-release through a live webcast on Twitch, held by Free Realms producer Steve "Shock" George on October 11, 2013[1] with Free Realms lead designer Justin "Mourde" Dazet, and on October 15, 2013[2] with Massively representative Beau Hindman.




  1. Free Realms Live Twitch-Cast on Twitch
  2. Free Realms with Beau and Producer Steve George! on Twitch

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