The Dares, a popular rock/pop band first formed by twin brothers in 2003, recorded the Free Realms official[1] theme song, “It’s Your World” written and composed by Robbie Nevil and Matthew Gerrard exclusively for SOE.

The Free Realms Theme SongEdit

Their song, “It’s Your World”, had been written and produced for SOE as the Official Free Realms theme song, it has become iconic to Free Realms having been featured in Free Realms television spot commercials[2] and featured in game performed by Bruce, a talented Rockstar, in the past.

"To record the theme song for a video game with as much buzz as Free Realms is epic! Not only does this song fit in with our sound, but it also gets across the feeling that in Free Realms you can do what you want, when you want."
~ Ben Peterson, lead singer of The Dares[3]

It's Your World Music VideoEdit

A music video for their song, “It’s Your World”, had been unveiled as the Official Free Realms theme song Video in April 2009 in celebration of Free Realms' first birthday.[4]

In November 2009[5] The Dares released the official music video for “It’s Your World” which, at the time, was featured exclusively[6] on

The Dares – It's Your World

The Dares – It's Your World

It's Your World official music video

E3 2009Edit


Promotional poster for the E3 performance

On June 2, 2009 at the world known E3 gaming exhibition, The Dares held a performance for a live concert audience at the SOE booth and simultaneously in Free Realms,[7] which earned them a plaque from the Guinnes World Records for being the first time it had been done.[8]

Players who logged on Free Realms, server 1, at 4pm Pacific had the opportunity to see The Dares E3 Performance live at Snowhill's stage.[9]

The Dares Perform at E3 and in Free Realms

The Dares Perform at E3 and in Free Realms

The Dares live E3 Performance



The Dares Official Site.

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