Sunstone Valley
Type Region
Level Varried
Location NE of Shrouded Glade, N of Briarwood
Inhabitants Robgoblins, Dwarves, Feathered Drakes, Manguana

Sunstone Valley is a desert area north-east of Sacred Grove. It can be found on the atlas on a northern extension created among Sunstone's arrival. Sunstone Valley is the first major location addition to Free Realms in the update of September 19, 2012. It was originally called Stormfront Mountains back in 2009.

Sunstone Valley has open world combat, similar in style to Clone Wars Adventures, where enemy NPC roam the land and attack approaching players. Once a player has been defeated, they are prompted to revive in a safezone or spend 1000 coins to revive on the spot of defeat. When an enemy is defeated, there is a possibility that the player will receive a loot drop; clothes, crafting ingredients, recipes, or consumables. Different enemies types will drop different loots, but all enemies will have a chance to drop a small amount of coins.

Inhabitants of Sunstone Valley range from large reptilian humanoids known as Manguana, frontier Robgoblins, Feathered Drakes, and Biker Dwarves.

Locations of InterestEdit





Feathered DrakeEdit



Skullz DwarvesEdit

Quest SeriesEdit

Shrouded GladeEdit

Arch Druid Camellia

Rumble RidgeEdit

Dorn Geargrinder

Golmie Greasebeard

Dorn Geargrinder

Golmie Greasebeard

Dorn Geargrinder

Headmaster Merk

Dorn Geargrinder

Wheelie Pete's RoadhouseEdit

Wheelie Pete

Whirly's Scrap CampEdit

Level 8 Rizzle

Noggle's RetreatEdit

Level 12 Noggle Cogloose

The DigEdit

Level 16 Sarkin Stonehearth


Level 1

Level 4

Level 8

Level 12


  • Sunstone Valley
  • Sunstone Valley Elite Exploration
  • Sunstone Valley Explorer
  • Sunstone Valley Rare Exploration


  • Sunstone Copper Vein
  • Rare Sunstone Copper Vein
  • Sunstone Tin Vein
  • Rare Sunstone Tin Vein
  • Sunstone Iron Vein
  • Rare Sunstone Iron Vein
  • Sunstone Silver Vein
  • Rare Sunstone Silver Vein
  • Sunstone Gold Vein
  • Rare Sunstone Gold Vein

Crafting RecipesEdit

  • Chrome Cactoid Device
  • Chrome Drakeling Device
  • Chrome Mini-Rocklar Device
  • Drake Statue
  • Dust Storm Flair Shard
  • Dwarf Biker Firework
  • Hammer Fist
  • Manguana Statue
  • Motorsmith Boots
  • Motorsmith Gloves
  • Motorsmith Pants
  • Motorsmith Tank Top
  • Motorsmith Tool Belt
  • Motorsmith Welding Mask
  • Mystery Tint Chrome Cactoid Kit
  • Mystery Tint Chrome Drakeling Kit
  • Mystery Tint Mini-Mech Kit
  • Power Crystal Flair Shard
  • Robgoblin Archway
  • Skullz Wall Hanging
  • Striped Mini-Mech
  • Sunny Potion
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