Alyssa Eggelyn

Spring time is here and Alyssa Eggelyn needs your help. You see, every year a group of robgoblins takes one of her eggs and hides it somewhere in the world. Without her eggs Alyssa will have nothing to open on Eggstravaganza Day so it's up to you to find her missing eggs.

Daily QuestsEdit

An option to teleport to Alyssa Eggelyn is available on the overlay that displays when players log in to the game. The series consists of four quests to locate an egg, with one quest unlocking each day. The reward for completing the daily quest includes an egg and an egg coloring kit. Completing all four quests rewards a special bonus egg which is the meta goal of the event.



  1. Quest:The Spring Eggstravaganza
  2. Quest:The Eggcellent Egg Hunt
  3. Quest:The Eggcitingly Eggcellent Egg Hunt
  4. Quest:The Eggxtremely Eggcitingly Eggcellent Egg Hunt

Egg LocationsEdit

  1. The first quest egg can be found in the Briarwood Maze a short distance from Snarling Hedges
  2. The second quest egg is located on the lake that borders the Blackspore Swamp
  3. The third quest egg is on a hill near a house by Floren Forest
  4. The fourth egg is behind a large pile of colorful gems in the low level mine of Snowhill


Freerealms Easter Egg Hunt Rewards

Freerealms Easter Egg Hunt Rewards

Opening the eggs on March 31st

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