These shades are EXTREME!
~ In-game description

Sport Shades are a Freestyle Jobs, head slot, clothing item that were distributed throughout the month of November 2009 as a part of the Monthly Member's Pack.[1] Sports Shades can be acquired through trade.

Along with Sports Shades, the November 2009 Member's Pack included Trendy Sunglasses and a white Felt Beret.



A Series 1 Trading Card Game card was introduced based on the Sport Shades that is acquired upon defeating Sam Potts during the Card Duelist Quest line. The card's ID is 1P4.

Lost Treasures MonthEdit

On November 19, 2013, a variation of the Sport Shades, the Athletic Shades, were introduced in-game through the Station Cash Marketplace as a part of Lost Treasures Month.

Everyone who played FreeRealms miss the whole game. We want it back, DayBreak now owns FreeRealms and hopefully they bring it back.


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