Sparkle parachute
Show off your parachuting skills with a trail of sparkles!
~ In-game description

The Sparkle Parachute is an All Jobs, misc slot, clothing item that occasionally is available to everyone in the Station Cash Marketplace for limited amount of time.

August 2013Edit

The Sparkle Parachute is available for a limited time. Get yours before it goes away and save 50%!
~ In-game description

Parachutes, along with The Sparkle Parachute, returned to the SC Marketplace on sale for 50% off during the last week of August 2013. It was available to everyone in the SC Marketplace at the regular price of Sc1499 and the 50% sale discount price of Sc749.

SCicon Sunset Sale
As of March 18 through 31, 2014, all Station Cash items were permanently priced at Sc1 in response to the sunset.
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