Soccer Star(football star to the UK[1]) is a job that was introduced to Free Realms in the Goal Time update on

Freerealms soccer02

October 2, 2009[2][3]. Players can interact with the minigames either solo or in teams, non-members can play a limited amount of games before upgrade is required. Soccer Stars gain levels(specifically they gain what is titled "stars" - essentially experience points that levels up Jobs) through the quest series and by participating in soccer Mini-Games. Click on the icon at the Snowhill Soccer Field entrance and complete the soccer tutorial to gain knowledge of the game mechanics.

There are special stats for Soccer Stars that are listed below:

  • Kick Power (increase to your kicks)
  • Tackle Power (increase to tackling others)
  • Toughness (get back up quicker after being knocked down)


Members Only
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