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Snowhill is a city directly north of Sanctuary. It sits high in the mountains, ringed by towering peaks, and is blanketed with a permanent layer of snow. Snowhill is a town devoted to the season of winter, and it has snow all year round. Snowhill not only is a popular attraction for it's looks, but it holds important Mining areas, dungeons, and is the only area known to spawn snowballs and have snowball fight minigames with other players. It's inhabitants range from wolves to humans/pixies to yetis.

An unusually large pine tree dominates the town, The main road into town leads directly to this tree, and then loops around it. All other roads extend off this loop. Snowhill has many areas to explore, especially for those who enjoy mountain climbing and winter sports.

Logo snowhill
Map snowhill
Type City
Location North of Sanctuary
Inhabitants Pixies, Humans

Points of Interest Edit

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Shops Edit

  • Blacksmith Clothing & Tools - (lvl 9 tools, lvl 20 clothes)
  • Brawler & Ninja Weapons - (lvl 11, 15 ninja & brawler weapons)
  • Brawler & Warrior Clothing - (lvl 20 brawler clothes)
  • Chef Supplies - (basic cooking supplies)
  • Medic Clothing & Accessories - (lvl 11 weapon, lvl 20 clothes)
  • Warrior & Wizard Weapons - (lvl 1 warrior, lvl 5 wizard weapons)
  • Warrior Clothing & Weapons - (lvl 19 weapons, lvl 20 clothes)
  • Shards & Accessories - (assorted)
  • Potions - (health, energy, replenishing)
  • Crafting Supplies & Recipes
  • Fancy Pet Sweaters

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Resources Edit

  • Copper Ore
  • Turquoise
  • Garnet
  • Gummyfruit
  • Rainleaf
  • Snowberry
  • Spiralmint
  • Stainberry
  • Starnut

Collections Edit

  • Snowhill
  • Snowhill Rare Exploration
  • Snowhill Carnations
  • Snowhill Daffodils
  • Snowhill Daisies
  • Snowhill Leaves
  • Snowhill Lilies
  • Snowhill Orchids
  • Snowhill Roses
  • Snowhill Sunflowers
  • Snowhill Tulips

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