Small Wilds House
The Small Wilds House is a housing lot and is the smaller version of the Large Wilds House and was available on the Station Cash Marketplace for Sc550 or with a membership.

Description Edit

The house has a large yard, with an out-in-the-country feel to it. There are large trees and rocks adorning the lot, as well as many flowers and other plants. Around the edge of the property is a dark brown picket fence, as well as a curved gate at the entrance to match.
Small Wilds House inside


The house itself is quite tall, with a staircase leading up to the porch that is as long as the house's width. The outside is a light aqua with light brown accents. There are around 9 windows, 3 of them being portholes. The inside is very open, leaving enough space to work with for the player's imagination. The wallpaper is green, but is red on the other side divider, and the floors are plain wood with an orange tint to them. However, both the wall paper and flooring, including the exterior, can be changed with purchases from the Marketplace or Coin Shop.
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