From June 15th 2012 to an unknown time, Shrouded Glade had been under siege by a Gloam Invasion.


A horrible event occurred in Sunstone Valley that had the Freewheeler Dwarven Biker Gang fleeing to Shrouded Glade in seek of creating Allies. The Druids and the Biker Dwarves have had a long history of conflict among another where the Druids were concerned for the environment and the Dwarves would only pollute with their Dwarftech Choppers. The Druids had thought otherwise of the bikers' claimed story when out of nowhere huge stones erupted from within Shrouded Glade. Creatures became corrupted and both the Druids and Dwarves were trapped in a Shrouded Glade that was under invasion. The Druids fled to a cave they used as a stronghold, whereas the Dwarves set-up a camp at the Shrouded Glade Pet Park.

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