Shrouded Glade.
Shrouded Glade
Logo shroud
Map shrouded
Type City
Level n/a
Location NE Sacred Grove
Inhabitants Druids (Pixies)
Shrouded Glade is a town in northeastern Sacred Grove. It is nestled at the base of Misty Mountain and wrapped in the thick and mysterious mist that gives the glade its name. Shrouded Glade is the home of the Druid Academy, and the druids keep the entire town neat and orderly.

Travel Edit

Shrouded Glade is only accessible through a tunnel or by a warpstone. The main road from the tunnel leads directly to the Druid Academy, which sits above the Glade between a pair of mighty waterfalls and the river that flows from them. All roads and rivers radiate outward from the Academy in wide rings, as if they were ripples in a still pool.

History Edit

Shrouded Glade has always been a home for druids, though the Elder Council wasn't officially formed until after The Unbinding. Unwilling to let their ancient knowledge fade away, the remaining druids banded together and formed the Academy to not only expand on their existing knowledge but to instruct those who were worthy enough to become druids themselves. Within the Academy's walls they built a library filled with all the books there could salvage from the ruined Athenaeum.

On June 15th, 2012, Shrouded Glade was invaded by the Gloam. The landscape became corrupted and evil entities siege the city. The event included a new questline, along with open world combat.

Local Places Edit

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  • Pet Park
  • Druid Academy
  • Gardener's Hutch
  • Headmaster Merk's
  • The Courtyard
  • The Wishing Well

Dungeons Edit

Collections Edit

  • Shrouded Glade
  • Shrouded Glade Rare Exploration
  • Shrouded Glade Elite Exploration
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