Sanctuary Arch.
Sanctuary is the capital of the Sacred Grove, and is home to the World Tree as well as the Royal Family. It is located in the middle of the atlas. To the south of the World Tree, there is a shopping district called Pixiewood that has merchants that sell almost anything found in the Marketplace.

Some interesting lore from within the Memorial Caverns in Sanctuary has been discovered.

Logo sanctuary
Map sanctuary
Type City
Level n/a
Location Heart of Sacred Grove
Inhabitants Humans, Pixies

Points of Interest Edit

  • Adoption Center
  • Barracks
  • Hospital
  • Memorial Caverns
  • Pixiewood Hills
  • Queensfields
  • Royal Palace
  • Royal Treasury
  • Sanctuary Post Office
  • Town Hall

Job Trainers Edit

  • Card Duelist: Poe Tatters (unlocks job)
  • Card Duelist: Sam Potts in Sanctuary (unlocks job)
  • Chef: Bordon Cloo (unlocks job)
  • Medic: Nurse Naia (unlocks job) 
  • Medic: Doctor Gordon 
  • Medic: Clover 
  • Pet Trainer: Roscoe
  • Pet Trainer: Kirill Moonrunner (Master Trainer)
  • Postman: Felipe (unlocks job)
  • Postman: Flitter
  • Warrior: Doctor Gordon 
  • Warrior: General Glowlight 
  • Warrior: Sir Whittington 

Shops Edit

  • Accessories
  • Archer Clothing & Weapons (lvl 19 weapons, lvl 20 clothes) 
  • Chef Supplies & Recipes
  • Chef Tools (lvl 1, 17)
  • Chef & Wizard Clothing (lvl 20) (Wizard items)
  • Chef & Wizard Clothing (lvl 20) (all pink) (Wizard items)
  • Crafting Supplies
  • Fancy Pet Sweaters
  • Medic Clothing & Weapons (lvl 1 weapon, lvl 20 clothes) 
  • Men's Clothing
  • Pet Collars
  • Pet Supplies
  • Pink Clothing (male & female)
  • Potions
  • Sanctuary Adoption Center (pets) 
  • Warrior Weapons (lvl 11) 
  • Wizard Weapons (lvl 19) 
  • Women's Clothing

Local Dungeons Edit

Resources Edit

  • Gummyfruit
  • Rainleaf
  • Spiralmint
  • Stainberry
  • Bumbleberry
  • Honeytwig

Collections Edit

  • Sanctuary
  • Sanctuary Rare Exploration
  • Sanctuary Water Samples
  • Sanctuary Mixture
  • Sanctuary Liquid Concoction

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