Sam Potts is a Card Duelist trainer and Archer located in Sanctuary, she will start you on your quest to level up and train you to be a Card Duelist. She trained her cousin (an Archer and one of the four Realmkeepers, Jessica) to become a cardie.[1] She works for Quills, but lately she wants to start getting back in TCG Tournaments.

Archer Chick

Sam Potts


  • Sphere - Order
  • Trick - Rain of Arrows
  • Resource - Sport Shades
  • Creature - Wolf Companion
  • Hero - Sam Potts


This is the four first quests of the Card Duelist training course.

  • 52 Card Pick-up
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • So Over Archery
  • Cardie 4 Life


'Sam put down the bow for good as soon as she picked up her first deck of cards.'
~ card dialogue

A Trading Card Game Hero card based on Sam Potts is available from completing quest in the Trading Card Game quest line.


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