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Saint Patrick's celebration has arrived in Free Realms! The celebration was newly introduced on March 14th, 2013. To participate players would visit Lucky Chance McXander in Merry Vale and receive Lucky's Green Hat, which when equipped, enables players the chance to see Lucky's pots of gold.


Help Lucky Chance McXander Find his Lucky Gold Coin by searching for his Golden Pot of Gold scattered throughout Sacred Grove.

Pots Of GoldEdit

On his quests he'll ask you to look for his Pot of Gold in Scared Grove(Everywhere not including Sunstone Valley). The objective is to find the golden pot.

Locations of the Pots of GoldEdit

For each quest, there are 3 black pots and 1 gold pot, each player has a random gold pot location.

Quest 1 -- Lucky's Lost Coin Reward: Lucky's Green Clover (Adventurer weapon)

  • Merry Vale: behind the tree in the field where we have the trading party.
  • Sanctuary: on the Pixiewood strip, to the right of the costume shop.
  • Shrouded Glade: behind the tree in front of the pet center.
  • Seaside: on the south side of the waterfall, on the west end of Bacala's house.

Quest 2 -- Another Day, Another Coin Reward: Lucky's Clover Shirt

  • Blackspore: to the west of the warpstone, against the mountain wall.
  • Snowhill: on a little hill to the east of the stage.
  • Wugachug: in a nook in the hill near the warpstone.
  • Briarheart: between the tunnel and the fort.

Quest 3 -- To Coin a Phrase Reward: Lucky's Green Jacket

  • Wugachug: behind Shifty the Shuffler.
  • Seaside: At the northern end of the fisherman's shanties, behind Heddy Heathcliff's house (3 Dunemere Trail).
  • Sanctuary: around the side of the royal palace tree.
  • Bristlewood: in the vines surrounding the Briar Patch gate.

Quest 4 --  Reward: Lucky's Replica Golden Pot O'Coins

  • Blackspore: Behind the ghost pet cemetery center, in front of the ruined precursor wall.
  • Snowhill: Found at the far left of the Soccer field behind a root on the left side of the tree that has a Frostfang Growler in front of it.
  • Merry Vale: Far behind the Cooking Table, one of the larger trees has a pot under its root on the left side.
  • Shrouded Glade: The staircase at the left side of the Druid Acadamy, the pot is hidden under a small tree.

Information on Lucky's pot of gold location retrieved from The Free Realms Official Forums.

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