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"Sacred Grove: The land within Free Realms."

~Official handbook glossary definition.

Sacred Grove is the name of the continent in which most of Free Realms took place.

Storyline Quests Edit

Introduction to Chapter 1 Edit

NB! Only one of the quests need be completed to continue.

  • Local Hero: Royal Courier in the Greenwood Forest
  • Sal's Suggestion: Sal Monella in Blackspore
  • Farnum's Free Advice: Henry Farnum at Farnum's Farm
  • Sharing Your Talents: Starshine at Pixie Nursery

Sacred Grove: Chapter 1 Edit

NB! Most of the storyline quests are accessible Members only

  • Take A Number: Sanctuary
  • Chapter 1: The Missing Sisters: Royal Palace
  • Belated Bonny: Royal Palace (non-essential to storyline)
  • Chapter 1: Helping the Healers: Royal Palace
  • Chapter 1: Good Help is Hard to Find: Royal Palace
  • Lofty Letter: Royal Palace (non-essential to storyline)
  • Chapter 1: Thugamug's Thievery: Royal Palace
  • Chapter 1: Rumors of Briarwood: Royal Palace
  • How to Clean: Royal Palace (non-essential to storyline)
  • Chapter 1: Shrouded History: Royal Palace
  • Chapter 1: The Forgotten Princess: Royal Palace
  • Chapter 1: Find the Caravan!: Royal Palace 
  • Chapter 1: The Weapon Shipment: path leading to Briarwood 
  • Chapter 1: The Armor Shipment: path leading to Briarwood 
  • Chapter 1: The Small Wooden Box: path leading to Briarwood 
  • Chapter 1: There's Fungus Among Us!: Nettleseed 
  • Chapter 1: It's Business Time: Nettleseed 
  • Chapter 1: Pampered Pets: Nettleseed 
  • Chapter 1: Report to Captain Chugug: Nettleseed 
  • Chapter 1: The Empty Box: Briarheart 
  • Chapter 1: Bearer of Bad News: path leading to Briarwood 
  • Chapter 1: Failure is Not an Option: Royal Palace 
  • Royally Thirsty Mushrooms: Briarheart Palace (non-essential to storyline) 
  • Briarheart Palace Procedures: Briarheart Palace (non-essential to storyline) 
  • High Class Vitamins: Briarheart (non-essential to storyline) 
  • Sorrowspine's Secret: Briarheart Palace (non-essential to storyline) 
  • Slimy Hopping Friends: Briarheart Palace (non-essential to storyline) 
  • Chapter 1: One Last Favor: Briarheart Palace 
  • Chapter 1: Haunted by the Past: Blackspore 
  • Chapter 1: The Alchemy of Betrayal: Blackspore 
  • Chapter 1: The Queen's Last Hope: Briarheart Palace 
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