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Rides are objects upon which characters can ride, such as a horse or bicycle. Rides are permanent objects that can be used and reused without a cool down timer. They do not appear in your inventory and cannot be sold or traded. You may have duplicates of rides although there is no benefit to this.

Characters on rides move at up to 150% of normal speed but this speed boost does not stack with other speed boosts. Characters on rides may not perform emotes, do not respond to boomboxes, do not respond to illusions, do not visually wield weapons, may not activate effects of any weapons, and may not activate items in their tool belts.

Rides are mainly sold in the SC Marketplace, under the Rides category. There are a few rides available outside of the SC Marketplace though, for example, the Gloamstone Hoverboard requires the player to complete the Heroes TCG questline. Most rides require membership to purchase and use, but if you own a ride and lose your membership, you are still able to use your ride. An exception is the Christmas Polar Bear ride, which could be received by every player by collecting all the Snow Days gift boxes.

To use your ride, click on the saddle in the User Interface and select a ride from the side-scrolling list that appears. This will also cause the saddle icon to change to a saddle with a red slash through it. To remove your ride, click on the saddle with the red slash through it. You may not use a ride while in a minigame, dungeon, or duel. Originally you were able to click on it and select it in a small space where you're ride will be by clicking the arrow you were able to see the next page of rides, as of January 10th 2013 you now select it in a full screen similar to the Pet selection. Since July 1st of 2010 Membership is required for Rides.[1]

Rides buttonList of RidesEdit

Ride Category Price Notes
Air T-Rex Exotic Ride Sc549
Armored T-Rex Exotic Ride Sc549
Basalt Surfboard Mechanical Ride Sc450
Bat Winged Ride Sc549
Beach Ball Exotic Ride Sc450
Bicycle Mechanical Ride Sc549
Black-Nosed Stallion Non-Winged Ride Sc449
Bowling Ball Exotic Ride Sc349
Broomstick Seasonal Unknown Able to Obtain during Only Spooktacular ; Ride came out in October 2012
Chrome Drake Winged Ride n/a Can be Obtained by Series 5 TCG Packs, Rumbledome
Clocktopus    Mystery Chest n/a Can be unlocked with a Clockwork Chests

Clockwork Hoverboard

Mechanical Ride Sc549
Clockwork Horse       Mystery Chest n/a Can be unlocked with a Clockwork Chests
Dwarftech Chopper Mechanical Ride Sc674
Dwarftech Hoverboard Mechanical Ride Sc549
Drake Winged ride n/a Can be obtained by Series 4 TCG packs, Heroes
Eight Ball Exotic Ride Sc349
Fairweather Hoverboard Mechanical Ride Sc549
Fiery Hoverboard Mechanical Ride Sc549
Fire Pegasus Winged Ride Sc549
 Flying Saucer     Mystery Chest n/a Can be unlocked with a Sci Fi Chests
Futuristic Bicycle Mechanical Ride n/a Available from SOE employees
Gloamstone Hoverboard Mechanical Ride n/a Only available by completing Baron Von Darkcheat TCG Questline
Gold-Tipped Dragon Winged Ride Sc549
Haunted Hoverboard Mechanical Ride Sc350 Only available during Super Spooktacular
Hearts Pegasus Winged Ride Sc549
Holiday Tree Board Mechanical Ride Sc350 Only available during Snow Days
Hydra Exotic Ride Sc700
Icy Hoverboard Mechanical Ride Sc550 Only available during Snow Days
Jack-O-Lantern Ride Seasonal unknown Only available during Super Spooktacular
Kangaroo Mystery Chest n/a Available as a random prize in Mystery Chests
Lava Tiger Non-Winged Ride Sc549
Lawn Chair Mechanical RIde Sc399
Molten Precursor Hoverboard Mechanical Ride Sc549
Nightmare Non-Winged Ride Sc549
Pegasus Unicorn Winged Ride Sc549
Pegasus Winged Ride Sc549
Phoenix Winged Ride n/a Available from a Treasure War Virtual Reward card
Polar Bear Seasonal n/a Only available by 12 Days of Holiday during Snow Days
Pogo Stick Mechanical Ride Sc749
Poison Dragon Winged Ride Sc549
Precursor Hoverboard Mechanical Ride Sc549
Reindeer n/a n/a
Only Available during Snow Days from the Snow Days Mystery Chest
Robo Roo n/a n/a rewarded exclusively to SOE Live 2012 attendees 
Saber-Tooth Tiger Non-Winged Ride Sc549
Santa-Mobile  Tractors n/a Only Available during Snow Days from the Snow Days Mystery Chest
Scaled Dragon Mechanical Ride Sc549
Skeletal Dragon Mechanical Ride Sc649
Skeletal Horse Exotic Ride unknown Bought during Halloween. Exclusive item.

Skeletal T-Rex

Exotic Ride n/a Earned by completing all of the Sunstone Valley   Exploration Collections
Skullz Chopper Mechanical Ride  n/a Earned by finishing the Rumble Dome TCG Questline
Slobbersaurus-Rex n/a n/a Available by redeeming specially marked $10 SC cards from 7-11 stores
Snow Globe Exotic Ride Sc350 Only available during Snow Days
Snowball Exotic Ride unknown Only available during Snow Days
Sparky Mechanical Ride n/a Only available by completing Heroes TCG Questline
Spotted T-Rex Exotic Ride Sc449
Stallion Non-Winged Ride Sc450
Stone Saber-Tooth Tiger Non-Winged Ride Sc549
Stormy Hoverboard Mechanical Ride Sc549
Striped T-Rex Exotic Ride Sc449
Sun Exotic Ride Sc350
Surfboard Mechanical Ride Sc450
Tiger Non-Winged Ride Sc549
Tractor Mechanical Ride Sc549
Unicorn Non-Winged Ride Sc549
White-Nosed Mare Non-Winged Ride Sc450
White-Nosed Stallion Non-Winged Ride Sc449
Wilds Tractor Mechanical Ride n/a Available at Vending Machine on level 20 farms, sells for 225,000 coins
Wolf Non-Winged Ride Sc549
Wooden Surfboard Mechanical Ride Sc450
Zamboni Ride Mechanical Ride n/a Available in the Baron von Darkcheat Trading Card Game pack.


See Also: Training Saddle of Gliding

Players can teach their rides to glide with the Training Saddle of Gliding which can be obtained by completing Troy Ridewrangler's Glide Training.





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