Precursor Ruins are what remains of the history of Sacred Grove. They can be found in various locations throughout Sacred Grove. Precursor rock is also are what makes up Warpstones and Precursor Hoverboards. Precursor rocks are a tan color with blue "energy veins" running along their surfaces. They still glow, suggesting that these ruins are still full of power.

With the Sunstone Valley update, it was revealed that it, too, is filled with precursor ruins and artifacts. This suggests that the precursors were not just in Sacred Grove, but in fact, all over the world.

Precursor ruins seem to particularly focused in the following locations:

  • Blackspore Swamp
  • Briarwood
  • Merry Vale
  • Seaside Village (Although it has more ruins than the unlisted places, Seaside has less ruins than the placed listed above)

Precursor Block Furniture can be found as loot cards from TCG series 3 Baron Von Darkcheat booster packs, their description suggests that precursor rock is Sacred Grove's most ancient rock.

The locations of these ruins are listed below

The following below are precursor ruins

The following below are working precursor creations

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