Male Human Postman
Come rain, wind, snow or sleet, the Postman is responsible for delivering all the important deliveries in Free Realms™. Mailboxes and other Postmen often host quests and challenges that require someone fleet of foot and swift of mind to sort and deliver packages on time. Don't be late!

Postman is a delivery job, specializing in delivering the mail. A freestyle class job, experience is gained by completing quests and by playing the Postman mini-games.

Skills Edit

Skill Effect
Mail Throw Throws the mail into the targeted mailbox
Toss Bone Tosses a bone to distract dogs from knocking the postman over

Unlocking Postman Edit

Postman can be unlocked by speaking to Felipe in Sanctuary.

Alternately, interacting with a set of postboxes inside a town before having the job adds a quest to the journal directing the player to Felipe.

Trainers Edit

Quests Edit

  • Postman: It's all in the Training: clicking on a postbox (optional)
  • Postman: Can You Deliver?: Felipe in Sanctuary
  • Postman: Mail Marksman: Felipe in Sanctuary (learn Mail Throw ability)
  • Postman: Beware of Ankle Biters: Felipe in Sanctuary (learn Bone Toss ability)
  • Postman: It's a Postal Disaster!: Flitter in Sanctuary
  • Postman: Sort of a Mess: Flitter in Sanctuary
  • Postman: Running the Route: Flitter in Sanctuary
  • Postman: Special Delivery: Felipe in Sanctuary
  • Postman: Achieve Level 5: Felipe in Sanctuary
  • Postman: Bixie Buds: Felipe in Sanctuary
  • Postman: Missing Mail: Postmaster Vixie in Merry Vale
  • Postman: Mail Mix-Up: Postmaster Vixie in Merry Vale
  • Postman: And the Winner Is...: Postmaster Vixie in Merry Vale
  • Postman: It's a Breeze!: Enaine in Seaside
  • Postman: Achieve Level 10: Enve LeStampin Seaside
  • Postman: Invitation Only: Enaine in Seaside
  • Postman: Where's the Sasparilla: Enaine in Seaside
  • Postman: Jug Clean Up: Postchug Runalug in Wugachug
  • Postman: Sorting it Out: Postchug Runalug in Wugachug
  • Postman: Achieve level 15: Postchug Runalug in Wugachug
  • Postman: Fair Warning: Postchug Runalug in Wugachug
  • Postman: What a Mess!: Loryn in Snowhill
  • Postman: A Plea for Help: Loryn in Snowhill
  • Postman: Biting Back: Loryn in Snowhill
  • Postman: Summit in Shrouded Glade: Loryn in Snowhill
  • Postman: Beware of Dogs: Brin Galeglow in Shrouded Glade
  • Postman: Mile High Mail: Brin Galeglow in Shrouded Glade
  • Postman: Always on Time: Brin Galeglow in Shrouded Glade
  • Postman: Trail of Mail: Postmaster Lane in Shrouded Glade
  • Postman: Outpost Ordeal: Emahl in the PCA Camp.

Collections Edit

Main article: Job Specific (Collections)#Postman Collections
  • Postman Packages and Envelopes
  • Postman Postcards
  • Postman Stamps

Equipment Edit

Clothing Edit

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