Nekark is a Combat Boss NPC located in the Western Seaside waters. Nekark is a giant squid known as a Kraken and it is required to defeat its eight arms and two tentacles, located in the water close by, prior to damaging the mob itself. Once defeated Nekark drops Nekark's Treasure Chest.

The name Nekark is noticeably inspired through the word Kraken: Kraken spelt backwards spells Nekark, this type of reverse word play is known as an anadrome.

Nekark's Treasure ChestEdit


Nekark's Treasure Chest is a Boss Treasure Chest dropped after defeating Nekark found in the Western Seaside waters.

Items from chestEdit




  • 1 piece from the Basic Attack Warrior Set
  • 1 piece from the Hedge Wizard Set
  • 1 piece from the Journeyman Wizard Set
  • 1 piece from the Nokizaru Ninja Set
  • 1 piece from the Sekkou Ninja Set


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