Nature feathered headdress
Get in touch with nature with this elegant headdress.
~ In-game description

The Nature Feathered Headdress was a Freestyle Jobs, head slot, clothing item acquired through redeeming the Trading Card Game Series 5 Virtual Reward loot card titled Nature Feather Headdress.

In appearance, the Nature Feathered Headdress was based on the headdress worn by Milo E. Lizardo.

Loot CardEdit

Constructed with feathers from Quetzelcoalt himself!
~ Card description

The Nature Feather Headdress loot card was a Virtual Reward loot card from the Trading Card Game series 5 set. When redeemed, one Nature Feathered Headdress clothing item was received through the redeeming player's communicator. The card's ID is 5L6.


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