Mystery Chests are a series of chests that are acquired through playing specific mini games.

Originally, Mystery Chests contained a limit on the amount of chests players could earn daily. The original limit consisted of one Mystery Chest each day per player, and was eventually changed to one Mystery Chest each hour per character. The limit was later lifted upon introduction of the Series 2 Mystery Chests: The Sci-Fi Mystery Chest.

During August, 2013 the Mystery Chest Series 1 became unavailable to acquire through mini games.


Series 1: OriginalEdit

It's the Original Mystery Chest! Possible items inside include freestyle clothing, Zoot Suit costume, Hover Boots, and the Kangaroo ride.

Series 2: Sci-FiEdit

Science-fiction fans rejoice! Tons of new sci-fi themed loot inside and Members have a special opportunity at the Flying Saucer!

Series 3: ClockworkEdit

Excavated from Sunstone Valley. This chest is loaded with hot items.

Snow Days Mystery ChestEdit

Only available during Snow Days this Mystery Chest is filled with the best Shooshbooming Gear.

Chest of WondersEdit

This chest contains a wonderous item inspired by the tales of Scheherazade!

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