An archive of Monthly Membership Pack Items.Members only
Month Coins Items
February 2014 N/A Sunset Party Boat
January 2014 N/A Lawless Gloam ChopperMembers only
Valiant Gleam CycleMembers only
December 2013 N/A SBS-1000Members only
November 2013 N/A Lost Treasures Backpack Members only
Lost Treasures Boots Members only
Lost Treasures FedoraMembers only
Lost Treasures JacketMembers only
Lost Treasures PantsMembers only
Lost Treasures WhipMembers only
October 2013 N/A Pinkeye Members only
Toeny Members only
September 2013 N/A Pixel Helm Members only
Bit Basher Members only
August 2013 N/A Chatty Wobblehead Members only
Robbie Wobblehead Members only
5x Cans of Beans
July 2013 N/A Octopus Ride Members only
June 2013 N/A Storage Vault
200 Slot Storage Upgrade
May 2013 N/A 719 Assorted Marble Building Materials (grey)
April 2013 N/A 5x Piano A1 C-Scale Music Block
5x Piano B1 C-Scale Music Block
5x Piano C1 C-Scale Music Block
5x Piano C2 C-Scale Music Block
5x Piano D1 C-Scale Music Block
5x Piano E1 C-Scale Music Block
5x Piano F1 C-Scale Music Block
5x Piano G1 C-Scale Music Block
March 2013 Goldcointemplate10,000 Feathered Wings T-Shirt
February 2013 Goldcointemplate10,000 Flutterby Hearts T-Shirt
January 2013 Goldcointemplate10,000 Tuxedo T-Shirt
December 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Holiday Lights T-Shirt
November 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Tie-Dye T-Shirt
October 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Toxic T-Shirt
September 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Rainbow T-Shirt
August 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Awkto T-Shirt
July 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Wireless T-Shirt
June 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Smiley Face T-Shirt
May 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Mystery Key
April 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Mystery Key
March 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Mystery Key
February 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Mystery Key
January 2012 Goldcointemplate10,000 Mystery Key
December 2011 Goldcointemplate10,000 Mystery Key
Houndstooth Wallpaper
Green Houndstooth
2x Lodge Chairs


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