An example of a mini-game, harvesting

Mini-games are smaller games within Free Realms which usually let you aquire ingredients to finish quests and such, such as mining or harvesting. At the end of a minigame you are awarded a certain amount of stars and coins depending on if you have  Membership and get the member bonus. Some minigames also have storylines such as the coducting minigame which at the end of the main conducting storyline you are awarded a conductors wand. Also, most jobs have minigames within them such as cooking or blacksmithing which allow you to create items which you can use in combat to attack or boost your stats.


There are two kinds of minigames in Free Realms. Flash-based games that take place on a "table" (like Checkers) or a Crafting Station (like Cooking or Forging), and games where you seem to stay in the world (like Racing).

Minigame TypesEdit

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