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Mining is fun - just ask any Dwarf! If you are ready to get your hands dirty, hop into exciting mining minigames , where you collect ore and gems as rewards. Miners start by harvesting copper and turquoise. As they level, they learn to dig for new metals, such as tin, silver, iron and even gold. Miners also smelt metal into bars that are used by Blacksmiths to make other cool weapons and armor.
Miner is a harvesting job, specializing in the mining of ore and gems and can also smelt the ore into ingots. A crafting class job, experience is gained by completing Miner quests, mining Ore and playing the Smelting minigames.

Recently, they removed the mining minigames, and instead changed to a traditional MMORPG mining style.

Unlocking Miner Edit

Miner can be unlocked by speaking to Therin in the Singing Crystal Mines of Snowhill.

Alternately, if the player interacts with one of the various ore nodes or forges, they will receive an optional quest to become a miner.

Mining Edit

Singing Crystal Mines

Singing Crystal Mines

There are several different places to mine through Free Realms . The first one that you will be going to will be for a quest. That mining place is toward the north side of Snowhill  in the Singing Crystal Mines. There are also rich mining veins in the world that members can only mine from. To mine you make groups (three or more) of similarly colored tiles. Your goal is to get whatever you are mining to the bottom of the board.

Trainers Edit

Quests Edit

  • Become a Miner: ore nodes in the wilderness and mines (optional)


  • Miner: So, You Want To Be A Miner?
  • Miner: All I Got


  • Miner: Rush Order
  • Miner: Gem Appraisal


  • Miner: Reach Level 5
  • Miner: Dartmoor Mining Camp

Shimmer Shinyaxe

  • Miner: Simple Surveying
  • Miner: Suspicious Eyes

Derp Axemaker

  • Miner: Bigger Challenges
  • Miner: The Perfect Pour
  • Miner: Reach Level 10
  • Miner: Finding Southvale

Mili Ironcall

  • Miner: Gems For Good Luck
  • Miner: Marriage Proposal
  • Miner: Checking the Chug


  • Miner: Grumpore's Challenge
  • Miner: Arrowheads for Lugabow
  • Miner: Reach Level 15
  • Miner: See For Yourself


  • Miner: Minor Mix-Up
  • Miner: Smelting Secrets
  • Miner: Reach Level 20 Micon
  • Miner: Growing Up So Quickly Micon


  • Miner: Biggest is Best Micon
  • Miner: Speed Smelting Micon
  • Miner: Mother Lode Lift Micon


  • Miner: Rare Rock Collection Micon
  • Miner: Part of the Guild Micon

Collections Edit

Main article: Job Specific (Collections)#Miner Collections
  • Miner's Copper Ore
  • Miner's Fancy Gems
  • Miner's Gold Ore
  • Miner's Precious Gems
  • Miner's Silver Ore
  • Miner's Special Gems

Equipment Edit

Tools Edit

Clothing Edit

Vendors Edit

Harvesting Edit

Ore & Gem Types Edit

Min. Lvl Ore Gems
Common Rich
1 Copper Ore Turquoise Malachite
5 Tin Ore Topaz Garnet
10 Iron Ore Tourmaline Amethyst
15 Silver Ore Onyx Ruby
20 Gold Ore Moonstone Fireagate

Locations Edit

Ore Location
Common Rich
Copper Ore Singing Crystal Mines (Snowhill) Southern Snowhill
Tin Ore Dartmoor Quarry (Merry Vale) Northwestern Wilds
Iron Ore Southvale Quarry South & Western Wilds
Silver Ore Quagmire Quarry (Blackspore) Outside of Blackspore; East Wilds
Gold Ore Mother Lode Quarry (Briarwood - Nettleseed) All regions of Briarwood

Smelting Edit

Before a Blacksmith can use the harvested metal, it must be turned into an ingot at a Smelting Furnace. Furnace can often be found just outside of the mines.

Recipes Edit

Copper Bar Edit

Ingredients: Copper Ore x5, Singing Coal x3

Tin Bar Edit

Ingredients: Tin Ore x5, Rosin Rock x3

Iron Bar Edit

Ingredients: Iron Ore x5, Cinder Skub x3

Silver Bar Edit

Ingredients: Silver Ore x5, Braze x3

Gold Bar Edit

Ingredients: Gold Ore x5, Briarblaze x3

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