Merry Vale is a town south of Wugachug, west of Sanctuary, and east of Seaside. Merry Vale is themed on the season of spring, as you can see many sunflowers and other floral growing. In the center is a large rainbow, which is called the Ever Rainbow, where the Rainbow Festival is held all year round. According to Arianna, before Merry Vale existed, it only rained untill the Ever Rainbow sprouted. Contestants "sacrifice" themselves in the rainbow and go to a different world, which is not known to people of Sacred Grove. The Valentines Heart Festival is also held in Merry Vale during the month of Febuary. Fairies are known to originate from this area.

History Edit

Merry Vale
Logo merryvale
Map merryvale
Type City
Level All
Location East of Sanctuary
Inhabitants Pixies, Humans, Fairies
The land where Merry Vale now sits was once barren, mountainous, and unexplored. One day (and no one can truly pinpoint which day), the mountains erupted, and a bright rainbow sprang forth. Curious travelers and adventurers went to investigate, and found the settlement of Merry Vale - home of the fairies.

It was as though the place had been around for ages, but was hidden by magic. The fairies welcome all travelers to celebrate with them in an endless party... but is there something darker lurking at the heart of Merry Vale?

Points of Interest Edit

  • Ever Rainbow
  • The Merry Vale Mainstage
  • The Midway
  • The Sunflower Patch
  • The Rainbow Spire

Job Trainers Edit

Chef Jarvie is in Merry Vale, he is in the Quest Line of the Chef Training Quests you start from Bordon Cloo, he is also in a storyline-like Quest Line during the Free Realms Birthday Bash located all over Sacred Grove.

Shops Edit

  • Chef Clothing & Tools (lvl 1 tools, lvl 20 clothing)
  • Chef Recipes & Supplies
  • Potions
  • Warrior Weapons (lvl 5)

Local Dungeons Edit

Resources Edit

Collections Edit

  • Merry Vale
  • Merry Vale Rare Exploration
  • Merry Vale Water Samples
  • Merry Vale Liquid Concoction
  • Merry Vale Mixture

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